1What size image can you print?
We can print: • Height: 1, 6 (5 ft 2”) to 2.4 m (7 ft) height • Width: unlimited • Margins: left /right/top/bottom 6/9/25/17 cm (2.3/3.5/8.6/6.6 in).
2What surface is suitable to print on?
The Wall Printer uses a UV ink, which cures immediately and can be used on any kind of vertical surface for example plaster, wallpaper, wood, brick, paint, stone, plastic, glass, most tiles and more.
3What is print resolution?
Depending on your image we print in 185×185 dpi, 370×370 dpi or 370×600 dpi.
4What format does my image need to be?
Your image can be raster or vector in AI, EPS, TIF, PNG, JPG, BMP formats
5How long does it take to print an image?
Set up is quick and easy normally under 10 minutes; printing will vary depending upon the size of the graphic
6What ink do you use?
Specially formulated waterproof, scratch-proof and washable plastic-like, low-odour UV ink
7Is the printed image UV resistant, scratch proof and durable?
The ink has a transparent UV coating that is instantly scratch proof.
8I am tired of a print. Can I remove it again?
Of course! To remove an image from the glass a ceramic scraper or razor blade can be used. A wall print can be painted over, this will normally take two or three coats and to remove a print from wood or metal use a sanding machine.
9I want to print text & logos. Is this a problem?
Not at all! The multi-surface printer is ready in minutes and prints and can print any size text and image. The device is the ideal signing solution for buildings such as offices, hospitals and hotels